About Honey Wine

Wine is made from fermented grape juice. Beer is made from malted barley and hops. Honey wine, or mead, is made from fermented honey. Mead is considered to be among the oldest of alcoholic beverages.

A common reaction we get when mead to new people is “I don’t like beer.” The perception is that mead is in the same category of beverages as ales and lagers (both are beers). Thus, for clarity Dancing Skeleton’s products are referred to as honey wine. But it is perfectly accurate and acceptable to refer to them as meads.

Another common reaction we get when talking about honey wine is, “That sounds sweet”. While it can be sweet, it certainly does not have to be. It can be anywhere from completely dry (no sweetness, no sugars), to off-dry, semi-sweet, sweet, or dessert level sweetness. This is not unlike traditional wines. There can also be a perception of sweetness brought on by certain factors (such as characteristics of the oak that the beverages are aged on), without having any sugars present. Dancing Skeleton has a range of honey wines with varying levels of dryness or sweetness.